This is an incredible group programme for ambitious business owners, consultants and service providers who know the power of brand photography but don't feel ready for their brand shoot. Here, in just 30 days through 4 modules, we will cover all the elements you need to have in place for your brand shoot. From your brand foundations to your camera confidence, we will smash through all your blocks. At the end of the programme, not only will you and your brand be ready, you will be excited for your brand shoot too, and all the results it will bring.

This is something we say all the time because it's so true! There's so much that goes into creating an image that attracts your ideal clients and converts. There's so much more than getting shot!

We understand it can be overwhelming and there are many reasons why you have put off your brand shoot so far. We have designed this programme to address all your objections so you can move forward, knowing you have everything in place from your brand and stories to your own confidence in front of the camera

Ask yourself these questions:

📸 Do you have a brand shoot on your list but keep finding reasons to put it off?

📸 Are you settling for second best selfies and stock images?

📸 Are you ready for the next level of business with images that reflect the expert you are?

📸 Would you like to have a presence that's professional to attract your ideal clients?

📸 Would you like to be confidently showing up everyday, showcasing you?

📸 Do you wish you had images you're proud to share that look like you?

📸 Would you love them to be reflective of you, your brand values and personality?

📸 Are you keen to get all your brand foundations in place - your identity, your colours, your style?

📸 Do you wonder how you can discover and show your brand stories?

📸 Would you like to know how to plan your brand shoot from outfits and props to location?

📸 Would you love to move from camera shy to confident and feel great about being photographed?

📸 Do you want to know how to get your return on investment for your brand shoot?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this programme could be just what you're looking for.


How you will feel with brand images you are

proud to share, enabling you to show up everyday,

as you, the expert you are.

More than ever, now is the time to invest in you. Now is the time to be seen and be visible. More than that, now is the time to show up as the shining star you are. To show your audience why you are their obvious choice. To guide your ideal clients to their desires so they can make the impact they want to. People buy from people, but more than ever, we'll buy from those that we trust, want to spend time with and feel like we already know.

Brand photography has the power to build those all important relationships. To attract your ideal clients and take your business to the next level. Let's get you brand shoot ready so you can make the impact you want to make. These results could be yours too:

Keith - Procurement Expert and Business Consultant

"Based on my last 17 posts with brand images vs those previously without, impressions are +43%"

Anne-Marie - The Confidence Emporium

"Within minutes of posting I had two enquiries. They have since become long term the magic continues"

Emma - Naturopathic Nutritionist

"If you are not a fan of the camera yet you know you need those photos to boost your business please consider Kier. She is incredible at what she does".

Check out some of the brand images that could be yours too when you say yes to you! View our gallery below with password: kieradairbrandimages

Get Brand Shoot Ready in 30 Days will give you all the tools you need for your brand shoot. It will be an immersive experience that will motivate and inspire you to take that next step for your business

The Group Programme will follow our Signature System across 4 modules:

Put the SASS into your Shoot!


With your brand foundations

✔️ Your identity, your essence and personality

✔️ Your brand colours

✔️ Your style of imagery


Your Ideal clients

✔️ Discover all your brand stories

✔️ See how to bring them to life for your audience

✔️ Build know like and trust with images that convert


The scene for your shoot

✔️ Learn the blueprint for your perfect experience

✔️ All the elements to consider

✔️ How to ensure every aspect is on brand



✔️ Move from camera shy to confident

✔️ Learn techniques to embrace your perfect imperfections

✔️ Find your best side

Don't need all the modules? That's fine!

You can just select those that you want to focus on.

See more below.

Simply because it's centred on removing all your blocks to booking your brand shoot in just 30 days. It will enable you to make that all important investment in you to grow through brand photography. If you don't need all the modules, you can just select individual sessions you would like to focus on.

You will also learn and have quality time from someone who has been there and got the T shirt! Kier is passionate about helping others through her experiences. Coupled with her visual expertise from many years in Marketing in her corporate life, her approach is unique. She sees things differently to others and just gets how you can attract you ideal clients.


I'm so excited to share my experiences and show you how you too can enjoy a brand photo shoot. Brand Photography is something I'm so passionate about as I've seen both for myself and my clients the incredible, positive impact it can have. From camera shy to confident, crickets to clients, unseen to unstoppable, I've been on that journey. I've felt all the feels and totally relate to wanting so much to make an impact on the world, but just not getting seen or heard. Totally untapped and unfulfilled, I've been there. That all changed when I embraced my perfect imperfections, started to tell my story and show up as me, all through my brand images. I have to say the transformation is the best feeling of all!

I want that for you too, so you can get truly visible and seen by all those people that need your help. They are there for you! It's your time to make the difference you are meant to make with your incredible, heart led business

This is not just another group programme! We give you all you need to get brand shoot ready in 30 days. The brand foundations, the story telling, the frameworks and tools, the confidence in yourself to shine. We will deliver results through:

✔️4 modules, 1 per week across the 30 days

✔️Live trainings for each module on Zoom.

✔️Trainings will be recorded and live streamed for ease of replay

✔️Private Facebook Group for all delegates to connect, share ideas and support each other

✔️Workbooks for each module to complete weekly actions

✔️Feedback on implementation of your workbook activities through the facebook group

✔️Interactive Q&A Sessions to support your learning

✔️Access to Kier via Messenger for duration of programme

✔️All Tools, Frameworks and Blueprints will be provided

✔️60 minute 1:1 at the end of the 30 days to ensure you have all the strategies you need for next steps

✔️Access to exclusive offers for brand shoots at the end of the programme

✔️BONUS of a professional brand image for your profile (worth £195)

Alternatively, if you don't need all the modules, you can just choose the areas that you want to focus on.

✔️Select from the 4 modules,

✔️Join live trainings on Zoom OR Videos sent to you if sessions aren't timely for you

✔️Workbooks for each module to complete actions

✔️Feedback on implementation of your workbook activities through messenger

✔️Access to Kier via Messenger for duration of modules

✔️All Tools, Frameworks and Blueprints will be provided

✔️30 minute 1:1 at the end of your selected modules to ensure you have all the strategies you need for next steps

✔️Access to exclusive offers at the end of your modules

JOIN US with the special launch price of £333

+ BONUS Brand Profile Image (worth £195)

30 Days of Immersion

Learn all the tools to put SASS into your Shoot


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£97 per module

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